Shires on Exhibit

Shires on Parade

Whether at our favorite County or State Fair or simply enjoying spending time with family and friends – the Show Circuit is a fantastic opportunity to exhibit the Shires. We show from Iowa State to New York State to the Georgia National Show and many, many places in between. We look forward to visiting more new places and continuing to educate and enchant the unsuspecting public with these magnificent horses – Shires!

Shires Under Saddle

The Shires are regularly ridden through the byways and trails of the Pennsylvania State Parks – from the Pink Ribbon Ride around Halloween to beautiful fall rides through the woods. You haven’t experienced comfort until you ride a couch (draft)!

Wellsville Ride and Drive – 2018

The crew participated in a wonderful Draft Horse Ride and Drive hosted by the Wellsville Historic Association. Complete with stops along the route with historical commentary and a full spread lunch provided by the Wellsville Fire Department – it was a wonderful time!

Gettysburg National Military Park – 2017

Gettysburg Tours – The Shire mares enjoy driving and riding the historic Gettysburg National Military Park. From the rocky outcropping of Devil’s Den to the pig-tight & cow-high worm fences of the union hook – Gettysburg is best experienced in the company of Shires.

Horse Progress Days – 2017

Horse Progress Days 2017 in Leola, Pennsylvania
The Shire Mares of the Greenlee Farms Hitch were invited to participate in the Breed Demonstration as well as work in the fields to showcase horse drawn implements

Shafferstown Historic Farm – 2015

The Shire Mares were invited to exhibit at the Alexander Shaffer Historic Farm in Shafferstown, Pennsylvania part of the 2015 Fall Harvest Fair. The crew dressed for the period and the Shires demonstrated plowing, cutting hay, hauling straw and moving visitors. We enjoyed a weekend off the grid while celebrating a simpler way of life.

Kennerdale State Park Engagement – 2014

In 2014, the Shire Mares were hired to provide a memorable and chilly drive in Kennerdale State Park. They transported a young couple up the steep grade of Kennerdale Mountain to an outlook for a impromptu proposal. It was the start of a bright future.