Shire Valley’s Annabella (24765-M), she was born in July 2013 sired by Blackpark Defender (23230-S) and Dayspring Gertie (23884-M). ¬†Bred by Jenson Shires LLC and raised by Brad and Wanda Johnston of Shire Valley Farms & Cabins in Dayton, Wyoming. This full-bodied mare joined the Greenlee Farms hitch in 2015, under lease from Wanda and Brad with the option to buy. Annie was such a joy to watch grow and learn she officially changed zip codes in January 2016 in time for the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Her many accolades include Grand Champion Shire Mare at the Keystone International Livestock Expo 2016, New York State Fair 2016, and North Carolina State Fair 2017. She is already a leader in the Greenlee Farms six-up hitch, but excels on the wheel of the Unicorn and as a cart mare.