Idaho Pasture Pigs for Sale

Producing pasture raised, all-natural pork on a clean & green farm in the process of practicing organic transition. Pork for sale includes registered breeding gilt & boar pairs of Idaho Pasture Pigs, weaners for grow out, and ready to butcher all-natural pasture raised pork at fair market prices. We work with Smucker’s Meats of Mount Joy, PA to provide delicious, healthy, USDA inspected pork available in nitrate free, frozen cuts generally within 10 days of ordering.
One of the main qualities that we look for in the Idaho Pasture Pigs is an overall good disposition and a non-aggressive behavior. The conformation of the Idaho Pasture Pig should be a well-proportioned pig with: a medium width in the leg set, a wide back, noticeable shoulders, developed hams, and a overall, nicely proportioned head with a short – medium upturned snout for cropping pasture and hay. Sows should mature at 250 – 300 pounds and the boars should mature at 300 – 400 pounds. The Idaho Pasture pigs may or may not have wattles, they may have upright or floppy ears, and have varied color patterns.
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2019 All-Natural Pork Prices

Registered Hog $800 – mature, breeding age sow

Unregistered Hog $500 – any age from weaner to mature

Pasture Pork, USDA Inspected $6/lb – sausage, chops, bacon

Cured, All-Natural ham $5/lb – custom sizes starting at 5 pounds

Amazing all-pork hotdogs $8/lb – jalapenos & cheese, cheese, and plain